Cameron Needs Your Help

Establishing Cameron as a youth sports destination is not a dream. It is a reality.

The Cameron Future Foundation is leading the capital campaign to raise funds for Phases 2 and 3 at The Yards. The total remaining cost is about $10 million (approximately $5 million per each new phase), and the benefit to the region will be much greater.

Estimates for the complete project suggest 24 direct full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs and 76 in-direct FTE jobs. In a town the size of Cameron, 50 to 100 jobs would be transformational. Once completed, it is estimated that more than $167 million in economic activity will be generated over a 20-year period.

Cameron residents have a history of going the extra mile to help the community. It’s time once again for us to come together, move forward and get Cameron going again. You are invited to join us in this big vision for Cameron in the 21st century. Success will require the support and effort of the entire community. But we also need individuals and leaders who grasp the vision and will help usher in a new and prosperous era for Cameron. We know that you take pride in your Cameron heritage. You’ve been there to help in the past, and Cameron has never needed you more than now.

Making the Pitch: Jim Camp (left), CFF Vice President and Bob McClaren (right), CFF President.