The Farmers Market

Milam Regional Farmers Market at the 44 Farms Pavilion

Folks from around Central Texas can shop for the best farm-fresh produce and artisanal treats at the Yards of Cameron Farmers Market. They can fill their bags with yummy honey from beekeepers in Milano, Snickerdoodles from Gause, fig jam made by a foodie in Thorndale or delicious tomatoes grown in Cameron to mention just a few. Vendors from around the area have a large market to sell their fruits, produce and other products. It is a wonderful opportunity for customers to learn about the people behind their food.


Locally grown products wait for you at 44 Farms Farmers Market in The Yards of Cameron.


March– June, September & October 2018

Market Days

2nd Saturday of each month




44 Farms Farmers Market at The Yards of Cameron
301 Adams | Cameron, TX 76520

First Market of 2018

2nd Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Email Address



  1. The season deposit is $30.00 for all vendors and entitles vendors to a reserved booth for the season. The season deposit will be credited to the last two (2) market days of the season, provided that the vendor has participated all season.
  2. The booth fee is $15 for spaces under the 44 Farms Farmers Market pavilion and $10 for spaces in the parking lot per market day.  The fee for a returned check is $25 and for late payment is $5.
  3. Drop-in Vendors: Drop-in for one market day are welcome subject to booth availability.  Drop-in vendors are requested to complete the vendor application and submit the appropriate booth fee one week prior to the market they wish to attend.


  1. All Vendors and their agents must read the rules, sign and submit the Testimony and Hold Harmless Agreement; and submit their application and the proper documents required for their particular application before participating in the market. The applications and forms can be printed out from The Yards of Cameron website. All agents for a vendor can sign one Testimony/Hold Harmless form.
  2. Products for Sale
    Members are allowed to sell farm products that are grown and/or made by themselves including fruits, vegetables, potted plants, cut flowers, processed foods and arts and crafts. Products purchased by wholesalers are specifically excluded. All products sold at the market are subject to local and state licensing regulations.
  3. Vendor Setup
    The market opens for vendor setup at 8am.
  4. Be ready to sell by time market opens and (unless you have express permission from the Market Manager) stay until market closing.
  5. Vendors participating in the first market will be assigned a space on a first come first serve basis. Those spaces will thereafter be said vendors reserved space for the season, as long as the vendor continuously participates.
  6. Each Vendor is entitled to nine (9) feet of frontage space under the pavilion. Canopies are not permitted under the pavilion. Booths outside the pavilion are entitled to 10 feet of frontage space.
  7. Notify the Market via email ( ) or phone 254.482.1119 no later than 12 noon Friday, if you are not going to attend the Market or if you are going to be late. Failure to notify the Market can result in your being charged $25 for the inconvenience caused and/or losing your regular space to another Vendor.  Stall reservations are considered commitments by the Vendors to participate in the market.
  8. Sanitary Condition of Sales Area
    Each ember agrees to maintain his/her market space in a neat, orderly and sanitary manner and confine his/her produce and equipment to his/her market space. No produce shall be placed on the ground.  Each member is responsible for the disposal of his/her waste.  Growers will be permitted to cut or slice produce, but may not sell cut or sliced produce.
  9. Sampling Requirements: Food Vendors providing samples must comply with all applicable health and safety laws.
  10. Vendors shall provide proof of proper licenses.
  11. Securing a sales tax permit and reporting sales tax is the responsibility of the member.
  12. Sales shall be conducted in an orderly business manner. No shouting or other objectionable means of soliciting trade shall be tolerated.
  13. Willful failure to comply with these rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension of market participation and forfeiture of fees.
  14. Quality Control
    The Market Manager and/or board members have the right to ask that bad quality goods be removed from the market.
  15. Compliance
    All vendors selling in the market agree to obey all local, state, and federal laws and regulations as well as the rules and regulations of the Milam Regional Farmers Market, Texas Department of Agriculture, and Texas Department of Health.
  16. The market is a tobacco (including smokeless tobacco), gun & alcohol free zone due to the joint ownership of The Yards of Cameron by the City of Cameron and Cameron Independent School District.
  17. Sign and have your agent(s) sign the Member Statement and the Testimony and the Hold Harmless Agreement and submit it with your seasonal fee. Any and all agents working your booth with or without your presence must read the rules, and sign the Testimony and the Hold Harmless Agreement. You are required to bring them to a Market Manager before said agent sets up your booth at the market.

 Vendor Application

Milam Regional Farmers Market Vendor Application